Business Writing Services
Kore Access offers professional freelance business writing services. We specialize in creative concepts and content for commercially successful marketing campaigns. We offer many types of marketing communications, both as packages and as individual projects, and can bill per project, hourly or as negotiated.

Multimedia Marketing Projects
Kore Access enjoys established relationships with professionals such as graphic artists, printers and multimedia professionals. We welcome the opportunity to quote fees for any combination of services you need to make your marketing project a success.

Turnkey Marketing Solution Packages
Combined copywriting and multimedia packages are available to meet your budget. We offer turnkey and customized solutions to meet your marketing goals.

Easy Marketing Packages: A map key to help you meet your marketing objectives
Three Kore Access project approaches chart your map to goal attainment:

1. Easy Concepts
Establish a unifying theme that enhances your brand and delivers the value your customers expect. Get an inside view on how your Kore colleagues approach a project. Whether you plan a newsletter, a blog or any other marketing project, learn how a concept can engage your audience.

2. Easy Branding
Create, develop and leverage your brand. See how a concept develops into specific copy and a unique design that then can be coordinated with your organizational culture and your organizational goals. You will realize that the creation of materials for online and offline marketing and customer contact points then becomes a simple process.

3. Easy Edocs
Customized templates allow Kore colleagues to write, edit and publish your online documents more efficiently. You, in turn, can easily publish more frequently. Templates can be customized for articles, newsletters, reports, resources and any other regularly published marketing materials.

Go-To Marketing Packages:  A turnkey approach to your marketing needs
Three packages serve as your passkey to the creation and enhancement of your brand and to the implementation and maintenance of your marketing initiatives:

1. Logo-to-Launch
This package provides you with the materials you need to open your door for business: from brand identity to online and offline marketing media and materials.

2. Prospect-to-Profit
This package maximizes all the positives of your current marketing efforts, your business model and your niche in order to turn more profit. Kore colleagues work with you and your staff to key in on the value and benefits you offer your customers.

3. Routine-to-Recognition
This package turns attention toward your brand. Kore colleagues work with you to unlock facets of your organizational assets, competencies and brand that are yet untapped.

4. The SOS Plan
The SOS (Seven Outcome-based Steps) Plan is your quick and easy content-driven method to market your brand. Implement your customized SOS Plan, a turnkey marketing solution package, to achieve a fast return on your next marketing campaign.

To Ensure Your Satisfaction, The Kore Access Team Follows the Seven Kore Steps to Project Completion
Your Kore Access colleagues are committed both to effectiveness in communications and to the delivery of quality work. Learn more about our project process ? click here.

Contact us to learn about how our approach and solutions can work for your marketing projects ?
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Find out how we customize your project:
Read – Our Seven Kore Steps to Project Completion


Your No-Fail Content
Marketing Solution

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Customized Marketing Packages and Solutions
We welcome both corporate and entrepreneurial clients. We understand each organization or entrepreneur has different scheduling, budgeting and project requirements. We acknowledge those needs in our terms and project management.

Collateral Marketing Materials
Your Kore Access colleagues produce clear and concise communications, crafted for your specific audience to include all the phases of the marketing process: from writing, planning and research to layout, publishing and distribution. Marketing materials include:

Articlea stand-alone section of a larger written work composed of a headline, lead, body and conclusion; most likely printed on 8 ½ x 11 sheets, 200 or more words; includes supporting images and other documentation
       * How-to article - a step-by-step process, usually 400-
           600 words
       * Interview article - a third-person Q&A, usually 200-
           2000 words
       * Lessons-learned article – a discussion of knowledge
           gained from someone else's experience, usually 400-600
       * Newsletter article – a filler article of 200 words or less
       * Round-up article - a collection of opinions on a topic;
           article usually 500-1000 words

Booklet – an expanded tip sheet with more depth of detail; most likely printed on a 4x9 format in order to fit into a #10 business envelope

Case Studyan analysis of a business or an organization that describes how the business or organization benefited by implementing a preferred product or solution

Direct mail insert – a printed marketing communication piece that is sent directly through the mail to prospective customers

E-book – a volume that covers the experience, knowledge, understanding, and skill to solve a challenge; published as an electronic file with graphics and supporting illustrations

E-zine story – a filler article of 200 words or less

Flyer – a single-page business communication piece, which can be double-sided; typically printed in various sizes and types of paper to fit the occasion

Handouta marketing material handed out for promotional events; formatted to fit the purpose

Headline – a sentence or phrase that catches the attention of the reader and relates well to the topic

Press release – a business communication for news media members; typically delivered in a print-ready or Web-ready format

Postcard – typically formatted as a rectangular piece of thick paper, mailed without an envelope, to communicate a newsworthy event

Reportdetailed coverage of a particular subject matter; most likely printed on 8 ½ x 11 sheets, 1000 words or more, and includes many supporting images, tables and graphs
       * Best practices report – a discussion of the technique,
           method, process, activity, incentive or reward that is
           most effective to deliver a particular outcome
       * Buyer’s guide report – information on the most
           pertinent evaluation criteria to consider in a particular
           purchase decision

Tip sheeta short, to-the-point fact sheet covering a particular subject; usually takes the form of bulleted items or lists that offer advice and information; most likely printed on a two sided 8 ½ x 11 sheet

White Papera cross between an article and a sales brochure, a white paper provides the reader with both educational value and targeted persuasive communications


Your customized quote will depend on factors such as:

  • Number of meetings needed for project; will exchanges be via teleconferencing, e-mail, or in-person?
  • Number of interviews; by phone, in-person, is travel required?
  • Urgency of deadlines; standard deadlines are four weeks for a white paper and one week for a case study, after receipt of all preliminary project materials and information.

       * Minor expenses included: postage, courier, long distance
          phone calls, etc.
       * Major expenses billed at cost; travel expenses for
          onsite meeting and interviews.
       * Kill fees and rush fees may be charged.
       * Refer to project policies and terms for additional
          disclosures - click here.




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