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To Ensure Your Satisfaction, We Follow
The Seven Kore Steps to Project Completion

Our process begins with an initial no-obligation, no-charge consultation. During the consultation, we will share ideas and discuss your project. Once we agree on fees and terms, we are ready to meet your deadline and live up to your expectations.

To ensure that you, as the client, and we, as your strategic marketing partner, are both proud and satisfied with the finished project, we drive our process with strict quality controls and project management standards.


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The Seven Kore Steps to Project Completion

1. Needs Assessment:
   We Work to Understand Your Objectives        

We perform a thorough needs assessment in order to understand
   you, your market and your marketing and sales needs.

2.  Evaluating:

   We Establish Priorities and Generate an Outline
Once we have finished reviewing all your present marketing
   communications, researched and interviewed you, your
   customers, the industry and subject matter experts, we generate
   an outline.

3. Writing:

   We Use Your Goals to Write a First Draft
After you approve the outline, we use it as a guide to create a
   first draft.

4. Editing:
   We Make Revisions to Meet Your Expectations
If, after you review the draft, you find that changes are needed,
   we will include two free, within-project-scope revisions.

5. Consulting:
   We Deliver on Your Vision and Mission
After your go-ahead, a draft, independently edited, is finalized.
   The draft is delivered to you, along with suggestions on how best
   to utilize it.

6.  Marketing:
   We Finalize Your Project and Offer Marketing Tips
The final project is delivered as text-only, ready-to-distribute
   copy, or as a marketing solution, along with suggestions for
   increasing its profitability.

7. Transfer:
   We Acknowledge Our Partnership and Share Resources
Your project is ready for you to implement, and we share any
   insights we have about the finished product.

Kore Access colleagues are disciplined about following this
   We are committed both to effectiveness in communications and to
   the delivery of quality work. We look forward to working together
   on all your marketing projects.

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