BrandStory, one of the copywriting services of Kore Access, delivers a script of your business story to use in digital and print media. The script's critical content will communicate your expertise, experience and education in ways that will allow you to be recognized by those of influence in your field who will then want to connect with you, your products and your services.

Kore Access BrandStory Digital and Print Copywriting Service:

After you share with us your past experience, your educational credentials, your areas of expertise and your professional purpose, we will create for you a professional BrandStory that incorporates unforgettable images and words. These images and words will become a means to anchor your business in your community and to trigger powerful reminders in the minds of both your clients and your key professional influencers.

To ensure the delivery of a BrandStory script that will help you reach your professional goals, we will follow our time tested and proven Seven-Step management process. Our seven steps allow us to efficiently and effectively do the following: assess your needs, define inputs, set a budget, set timelines, write your BrandStory script, edit it to your specifications, and, finally, transfer the knowledge gained from our experience of working with you—to YOU. At that time, we hope we have fully exceeded your expectations!


Our BrandStory Copywriting Service Will Enhance Your Professionalism

If your GOAL is to:

* Get Noticed: You are a solo entrepreneur or a business owner, and you need to set yourself apart. Or your department is a profit and loss center and you need to "sell" your solution inside and/or outside the company.

* Get Recognition: You are a solo practitioner or a small business, and you need to generate buzz. Or your company or franchise has an effective brand, but you still need to distinguish yourself.

* Get Compensated: You are an independent provider or a small business owner who wants your expertise to be recognized by high-end clients. Or you want your direct manager to reward your competencies with a promotion or a bonus.

If you have faced challenges in your attempts to:
* Capture and hold attention in your self-promotion and selling efforts
* Generate multiple ideas that drive traffic to your online sites
* Get recognition for your ability to deliver your knowledge or to offer your service

And you want to:
* Use unforgettable images to convey your education, experience and expertise
* Get noticed and remembered by people and search engines
* Feel less like an automated avatar on the selling stage and more like your authentic self


Our BrandStory Copywriting service will help you to:
1. Generate sizzle that puts you in the spotlight
2. Share and engage with others in ways that reveal your authentic values
3. Tell your professional story from a perspective that "sells" your boss or client
4. Get noticed by search engines, bosses and important professionals


BrandStory is for you if you NEED a compelling script for:
* Biographies, Resumes, Portfolios, Press Releases
* Professional Networking and Social Media Sites
* Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Booklets, White Papers
* Professional, Company or Revenue Generating Web sites


We Will Help You Script Your Expertise for Both Digital and Print Media


BrandStory copywriting delivers a script for you to use in digital and print media.  The script's critical content will communicate your expertise, experience and education. Our digital copywriting will focus on both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). We will also show you ways to transfer digital content to a print medium and vice versa. The differences can be subtle, but adjusting for the differences can be crucial to your success.


Our BrandStory Deliverables

We deliver ready-to-use scripts as storylines, pitches, taglines, headlines and other short copy. We will help you adapt them as needed for the various channels you use to promote your services or products: traditional print, online blogs and Web sites, social media sites and personal self-promotion and selling appointments and events.


Your BrandStory Script includes:

SEO Copy for Digital Online Web sites
For Web sites
Home pages and blogs – Short copy for headlines, banners and sidebars

SMO Copy for Digital Online Media
For Professional Networking Sites
LinkedIn, Facebook fan pages, YouTube and Tweeter – Taglines, headlines

Credible Copy for Personal Selling Situations
For Talking Points
Personal selling situations and elevator pitches – Storylines, pitches

Eye-Catching Copy for Printed Collateral Marketing Materials
For Print Media
Business cards, brochures and resume objectives – Headlines, taglines and storylines

** You can customize your BrandStory with extras – as you choose:

*  Initial personal mission and vision statements (or rewrites of current ones)
*  Scripts for online sites of specific industries
*  Titles and subtitles of books or special reports
*  Scripts for specific clients
*  Outbound phone messages
*  Professional portfolio covers
*  Special purpose handouts
*  Your suggestion?


Your Customized BrandStory Copywriting Package

A professional package valued at $ 4, 540.00 + (depending on extras)
Our price: Not that one!

HOW can we do that?

WE CAN because we are a virtual team made up of senior-level professionals who work effectively and efficiently, as individuals and as a team.

WE DO because we want you to get started using our services, and we want you to experience an immediate value for your investment.

You also help determine the price. HOW?
The more you can communicate to us about yourself, your profession, your business, your industry and your key influencers, the less time we have to spend in exploration and research. That means a quicker delivery of your BrandStory!

Get Started Now!
E-mail us at Kore Access to set up a time to assess your unique situation and specific needs. We can also discuss any extras you desire, and that will help us find out if we are a best-fit solution provider for you!


You are most likely to succeed with our service if you:
* Recognize that personal self-promotion is critical to your success
* Acknowledge that online and offline selling is a necessity in today's marketplace
* Want to get more satisfaction out of your personal promotional efforts
* Stay open to trying new approaches


If you VALUE collaboration:
* With quick-thinking, straight-to-the-point professionals
* In a challenging, co-creative brainstorming environment
* That targets a specific purpose with measurable goals


You will find us to be:
* Creative and insightful in the ways we convey your interests and values
* Appreciative, collaborative and thoughtful of your time
* Experienced, resourceful and outcome driven


Get Started This Minute!
If you see yourself in this profile, if you like our "sound" and our culture, then get started this minute on your future success.  By sending an e-mail message to Kore Access, you will receive a short questionnaire with a few simple questions. After we get your answers, we will then schedule a 20-minute PhoneShare. If we both agree we are a good fit, we will settle on terms and get started helping you help us create your BrandStory. We make it that simple!


We Deliver – Talk to us about the results you expect and need for your business success. View more testimonials and project results.


Access Your Core, Brand Your Story and Communicate Your Competence!


BrandStory Testimonials

"Thank you for finally allowing us to share our story the way it needed to be shared. Truly."

Stacey Kostevicki
Executive Director,
Gulf Coast Kid's House, Inc.
Pensacola, Florida



"Maria Pinochet is energizing our efforts to reach a wider, targeted audience for Ethical Markets Media and the Green Transition Scoreboard™. She understands the emotion and urgency behind our efforts to communicate to individual, business and institutional investors in SR. She believes strongly in corporate social responsibility, in holding businesses accountable and lauding widely those that align with our mission to reform markets and grow the green economy worldwide."

Rosalinda Sanquiche
Executive Director,
Ethical Markets Media
St. Augustine, Florida












"Maria's process based approach to marketing helped us to establish our own effective and repeatable marketing processes. Her guidance has been instrumental in creating a successful marketing strategy."

Karl Self
Avisod, LLC
Pensacola, Florida







"Maria will definitely help you with the process of evaluating your brand. She listens; she cares - she is the perfect coach to assist in discovering a clear branding message that reveals your truth and passion."

Cathy Kessler
Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Your Partner for Web Site Content and Printed Marketing Materials

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