The SOS Plan is your quick and easy content-driven method to market your brand. Implement your customized SOS Plan, a turnkey marketing solution package, to achieve a fast return on your next marketing campaign.

Our Approach

Whatever your marketing goals, we can offer you subject-matter expertise in content marketing and quickly create the marketing content you need to start achieving your goals. Not only can we help you choose the appropriate writing and design techniques for each type of content deliverable you publish, but we can also help you apply effective sales and marketing strategies and tactics.

To ensure your publications meet your business objectives, we evaluate your marketing needs and design and write marketing content guided by our proprietary charts and our seven-step project process:

1. Assessing Needs -> Goal Setting: We perform a thorough needs assessment and market review in order to understand you, your market and your marketing and sales needs and goals.

2. Evaluating Objectives -> Brand Evaluation: We review all your present marketing tools and communications and conduct interviews and research in order to understand you, your customers and your industry. After we complete the evaluation, we develop "core connection" concepts that can be transformed into specific copy and a unique design for your brand.

3. Writing to Meet Goals -> Material Selection: We choose the various online and offline customer contact materials you need to meet your goals.

4. Editing to Fulfill Expectations -> Concept Clarification: We edit concepts to highlight the persuasive arguments and ideas that will increase the value of your products and services to your readers.

5. Consulting -> Deliverable Design: We structure the knowledge you can offer customers into deliverables that will meet their informational needs. This will not only serve and motivate your buyers, it will also help you meet your marketing goals.

6. Marketing -> Turnkey Package Customization: We finalize the content of your SOS Plan solution and offer marketing tips and suggested strategies to increase its profitability.

7. Transferring Knowledge -> SOS Solution Report: You begin to implement your SOS Plan deliverables, and we share any insights we have about the finished product.

Kore Access colleagues have decades of experience in the areas of sales and marketing. Our skills and talents combine to create and deliver campaigns that both speak to and persuade your core market. We understand how to fully utilize online and offline marketing content in order to develop a strong case for your products and services. Put our years of marketing and sales experience to work for you.


Mini case study

The SOS Plan earns Ethical Markets, LLC, dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices, the highest Google PageRank. Due to our redesign of Ethical Markets' Web site and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of their pages, we earned a Google PageRank of 6 (the highest) for their main pages. Also, the use of our SEO terms (the words we wanted to own) allowed portions of the Ethical Markets Web site to be placed on Google Sitelinks, an enhanced listing in Google's search results, (Google only awards Sitelinks to the site categories their algorithm considers worthy!!)

And it wasn't just the search engines that noticed the Web site changes. Ethical Markets earned the endorsements of various business leaders for our branding efforts of The Green Transition Scoreboard that totals private investment in companies growing the green economy. One such business leader was Don Tapscott, author of Macrowikinomics. Also, site traffic increased 91.52% during the first month. Based on Google Analytics data, traffic that had averaged 1,700 unique visits per month jumped to 3,165 unique visitors. The traffic is still growing exponentially.




Your Solution

To assist you in achieving commercially successful marketing campaigns, we developed the SOS (Seven Outcome-based Steps) Plan, a turnkey content marketing solution program. This easy-to-implement program allows for quick and targeted responses to your market. Your no-fail content marketing solution provides you with the consumer messages and materials to meet your marketing objectives.

The SOS Plan

* Includes e-files that are ready to publish and distribute: We collaborate with you to establish a unifying theme that enhances your brand and delivers the value your audience needs and expects. Concepts that are unique to your product or service are developed into content that will attract and engage your audience. You will realize that the creation of either online or offline materials becomes a simple process – your SOS Plan is truly a stress-reducing method by which to develop, create and publish your e-files. (Deliverables may include special industry reports, best-practices booklets, white papers, case studies…)

* Provides you with print-ready customer contact documents: We create, develop and leverage your brand with documents that are structured to meet your marketing goals. The relevant brand concept is developed into specific copy and a unique design that then can be coordinated with your organizational culture and your organizational goals in order to engage your customers and to motivate action. (Deliverables may include brochures, buyer's guide reports, how-to articles, case studies, conference handouts...)

* Produces Internet-ready core connection messages: We work with you to develop “core connection” concepts that can be transformed into specific copy and a unique design. As they are developed, we help you coordinate these transformed concepts with your organizational culture to communicate your value at every customer contact point. You will then have the pleasure of watching your “core connection” messages engage your audience in your online marketing initiatives. (Deliverables may include Web site landing pages, blog posts, Tweet entries, press releases, e-mail marketing messages…)

Whether your goal is to promote your expertise with special reports, to enhance your brand with a newsletter or to pursue any other marketing project, the development of a customized content turnkey solution will allow you to publish with ease, at a lower cost, and more frequently. Your SOS Plan is the quick and easy method to market with content. Let us help you create a commercially successful content-driven marketing campaign.


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"Maria Pinochet is an esteemed member of the Ethical Markets Advisory Board. I have known Maria for over 20 years and trust her leadership in driving ethical markets forward. She is our authorized agent for the Green Transition Scoreboard™, bringing her expertise in marketing to convey the important message of the Green Transition Scoreboard™ research that private investors are on track to meet the goal of $1 trillion a year for the next 10 years, setting the path for governments and institutional investors to follow."

Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA
President and Founder of Ethical Markets Media
Author of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy
St. Augustine, Florida

Green Transition Scoreboard® Gets National TV Coverage


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