Great Leadership Starts with the Right Marketing Mindset

Give me 60 Minutes and I will:
* Inform your organizational members on the successful marketing communication strategies that connect most powerfully with stakeholders
* Empower each member with communication approaches that will earn online and offline engagement with prospects and customers
* Inspire each member, by revealing the changing pattern of communication expectations, to develop the individual confidence needed to generate customer conversations

Hot Topic Market Leadership Presentations

Maria Pinochet, Founder and President of Kore Access, is a marketing consultant and award-winning speaker. In her presentations, she shares her enthusiasm for effective and efficient strategies that can help place an organization on the "fastest track" to achieve its full potential. With wit, a counterintuitive approach and thought-provoking examples, she crafts each presentation to give her audience insight into the latest market trends. She seeks to inspire each organization to remain relevant to its stakeholders and each person to be recognized for leadership.

Maria's presentations can be customized to fit various programming needs: short talks of 15-30 minutes to highlight the basic ideas of a topic, or longer, in-depth presentations of 60 minutes or more. Maria is open to serve as a main speaker, to present during breakout discussions or to participate in other program events such as panel discussions. She is also available for interviews.


Hot Topic Presentations


Hot Topics in Leadership:
Personalize Your Leadership Through Customized Communications. You pick the specifics and Maria will discuss how to customize communication strategies in order to 1) enhance the competitive advantages of small businesses, 2) inspire women-owned enterprises, 2) promote leadership in and maintain best practices of sustainability and clean technology and 3) facilitate business and financial systems transformations.

Stay Ahead of the Trend:
User Searches Have Shifted from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Knowledge Search Optimization. Have You Made the Shift? Maria will help you explore the patterns of communication that indicate a switch away from gathering bits of information toward seeking true knowledge. She will also help you to think about your core expertise in new ways and to present it to your stakeholders in such ways that they consider your brand both dependable and invaluable.

Sharpen Your Cutting Edge:
Stakeholders Respond to Communication Initiatives That Connect to Their Core. Maria will help you gain insights into current trends in social media conversations that will inspire your audience to respond. Review the many ways your brand can deliver the online interactions your audience expects. See how their expectations favor the expression of the core values of your brand, and will thus ignite passion within the stakeholder community. You will also learn how to engage and achieve a connection with the fans of your brand once you have gained their attention.


Audience Specific Presentations


Associations & Nonprofits
Attract and Retain Members, Volunteers and Contributors with Business Media Intimacy. Maria will help you understand how your unique social media thumbprint engages community stakeholders (such as volunteers, neighbors and contributors) in ways that successfully deliver value to the programs and the events you plan and execute each year. She will also help you develop strategies that will continue to favor your core mission and vision, as well as develop messaging that will gain visibility for your group within all the social media channels.

Connect to Your Readers When You Brand Your Storytelling Online. Using five simple-to-implement steps, Maria will guide you in ways to market your book online by branding your storytelling. In addition, you will learn simple, effective and efficient ways to do the following: 1) set up daily writing practices, 2) use the best online media messages to find your readers, 3) make sense of the online metrics that can help you measure your online success, and 4) make use of many more insider tips.

Small Business
Find Your Communication Gaps: Update Your Marketing Messages. Maria will help you gain insights into new market communication trends that can maximize the success of your media channel messages. Be more competitive by acting on these market trends. Learn effective and efficient strategies that help you craft marketing messages that capture attention and engage your stakeholders.

Thought Leaders
Be Original! Be First! Use Thought Process Optimization to Become a Market Leader. Maria will help you learn effective, efficient and thought-provoking strategies that will allow you to publish either first and/or in a short time frame. As you publish these original works, you will then be able, as a result, to take the lead on trends that position your core expertise as relevant to your audience. Take away checklists from the presentation that you can use as needed to generate new perspectives and insights, to assess whether or not your messages are true to your brand’s core values and to review your thought leadership branding.

Women Business Owners
Claim Your Core and Release Your Inner Creative Strategist. Maria will help you learn why the recent marketing trends related to social media channels favor the communication styles that have typically been associated with women. Leave with strategies to identify the gaps in your marketing and communication pieces and to create solutions to fill those gaps. Then use her counterintuitive approach to get in touch with your core competencies and to “power up” for your business success.



Maria's Speaking Style & Story


Maria's Thoughts On Leadership

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Presentation Testimonials

"Fresh, relevant and memorable."

Bruce McDonald

"Your information was very empowering to today's market and trends."

Laurie Murphy

"Maria did a fantastic job delivering clear and concise information related to creating messages that last."

Liza Kittinger

"We recently invited Maria to speak at our marketing conference, and it was a JOY to work with her. Her level of communication proficiency and attention to detail made my job SO much easier. Maria thoroughly knew her audience and their content needs; met ALL deadlines ahead of time for any requests; and delivered her expertise above expectations. She walks what she talks! Maria was a delight to meet and after working with her, I feel like I have a lifelong friend. I would DEFINITELY hire her again to speak for us."

Rebecca Brath
Meetings & Education Programs Manager
Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Maria Pinochet understands the special marketing needs of writers and delivers a workshop that is packed with valuable information. She delivers tips and insights writers can use to implement immediate and meaningful changes to their marketing strategy."

Charlie Allden
President, Chapter 108
First Coast Romance Writers
Jacksonville, Florida

"Maria is the expert on brand messaging. She knows how to communicate exactly what makes your business special in a way that attracts your ideal customer. She combines this talent with her extensive knowledge of social networking to create results-based marketing plans. She creates the social media strategy then tracks the results, refining her methods based on what works."

Maggie Ruch
Founder & Owner
Advanced Virtual Assistant Services
Norfolk, Virginia

"Ready-to-use information. Creative motivation. Effective marketing strategies. Maria Pinochet offers all these to her audience every time she speaks, and it would be difficult to determine which is most valuable. The great thing is her audience members don't have to choose. They get it all."

Linda Wasserman
Meeting Planner & Publisher
ASTD and PBWiA Associations
The Pelican Press of Pensacola

"A definite eye opener on how I've been approaching readers from an angle that was sabotaging my success. Thank you!"

Susan Lewis
Pensacola, Florida
Author of Goodbye, Mama and Racing the Past

"Very professional presentation! Provided practical tips on what I need to do to market myself online."

Janice Ryan Hall
Pensacola, Florida
Author of Killing the Past
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